About Rachel

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Certified SFQ Healer

Certified SFQ Practice Group Leader

Masters in Occupational Therapy

Registered and Licensed OT

My Story


I am an occupational therapist and a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Healer and Practice Group Leader.  As an occupational therapist I have worked for many years in traditional rehabilitation settings.  I have always felt an underlying pull to help my clients beyond what we would typically do in the rehab setting.  So often, I experienced clients feeling dis-empowered, just waiting to see what we were going to do “to” them. Finding ways to help my clients feel empowered and be an active part of their rehab process was and is a primary focus. 

I took several years off when my three children were born.  During this time, I found my passion in alternative healing and self-care modalities.  This journey led me to Spring Forest Qigong.  This is a form of medical Qigong and based on the principle that we are all born with the power to heal.  Spring Forest Qigong was developed by International Qigong Master Chunyi Lin who wanted to give people a simple, effective and efficient way to activate the power of healing through both physical movements and the power of the heart.


I attended my first workshop with Master Lin in 2015.  While at the workshop I experienced a complete healing from a knee injury that had occurred a year earlier.  It felt like a miracle to me.  As Master Lin says, “I was born a healer, and so are you”.  I am skeptical by nature and though I have heard stories of healings like this I didn't really imagine it was possible for me!  Since this time I have studied with Master Lin and the Spring Forest Qigong Masters for 4 years, becoming a graduate of their first class of Certified Healers. 

​I would be honored to share with you the wisdom and healing power of Spring Forest Qigong.